Our Philosophy

"Do it right the first time every time". This is our company's motto and philosophy that is engrained into every single one of our employees as soon as they are hired. This helps us reduce Corrective Actions, minimizes turnaround time, maintains discipline and control over our coating processes, and keeps costs to a minimum. Efficiency!

It is our ability to operate daily with motto and working together as ONE TEAM,  that drives our business and sets us apart from others in the same industry.


Our Story

Quality Metal Finishing has been family owned and operated since 1964. From day one we have been servicing the Department of Defense and local machine shops. Like many small businesses that are family owned, the owners have been hands on since the inception and have put their blood sweat and tears into the company. We started with 3 guys phosphating and painting XM 650 projectile shells in a shop the size of a garage. The owner (Rich Longo) had a double mortgage on his house and his wife was working the nightshift to keep the lights on when the business finally took off in the mid 80's. Mark Leonardis took over from Rich, his father-in-law, a few years after that and our footprint in the same building has since grown from 1,000 sf to 40,000 sf.                    

   As manufacturing in the US continues to change and the headwinds of globalization and technological advances continue to affect local machine shops, we help you turn those headwinds into tailwinds. We make sure that the best and newest technologically advanced coatings that are on the market are being deposited onto your parts.


Our Team

Our people are that ones who give us the upper hand over our competition. They practice what we preach. Our philosophy's roots originated in customer service.

 Let's not forget the main reason we bring value to our customer. EXPERIENCE!


Quality Control

Each member of our QC staff has more than 30 years of experience in the metal finishing industry. For example, Bob Donnelly started working for Allied- Kelite in tech service doing titrations on plating chemicals directly out of college in 1977. After that he went on to work for various plating shops, doing 20 years at Apex Plating. Bob is the one who has his finger on the pulse of our tanks today! Nothing gets past him.




Much like our Quality Control team, our chemists also have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Example, Alex Cabe started in the industry in 1973 working for a gun company in the Philippines  engineering coating's for the M16 assault rifle. To this day the team is staying on top of the greatest and latest technologically advanced coatings.




More experienced people bringing value to the customer. Experience is why our customers love us. Free Expediting is why they love us even more!



These are the Quality Metal lifers. They have been here for more than 30 years and started by working in the tanks when there were only 3 people in the plant. They know the process like the back of their hand and can trouble shoot any issue.  Imparting their knowledge of the coatings to engineers and local machine shops is why our customers value us.

Mark Leonardis s


Mark Leonardis

Mark started working in the Nickel tanks at Quality Metal at the prime age of 22. Almost 40 years later, he is still pacing through the plant making sure that the plating and painting lives up to the first word of our companies name "Quality". Like most other small business owners, his company is his life. He takes pride in the coatings we apply and has passion to please every single customer and employee. He defines fearless leader.




Our operators are the reason why we are leaders in our industry. The average plater and painter has been at QMF for 12 years. We have 5 operators that have been with us for 20 years, 3 that have been we us for a little over 30 years, and 1 that has been here for 43 years. Our Experience is us!