ISO 9001:2015 implemented quality system. We have 4 employees who are solely dedicated to our quality control system which has been and continues to be the sole factor that drives our business. We are always making minor changes and improvements as we learn and continue to discover more efficient quality checks.

Two of our chemists titrate and record readings from our tanks twice a day, our quality control team has eyes on every job that goes out of our doors before they are signed off on, and continuous training is done with operators often.


Always on Target to the desired completion date. Most often we deliver your parts before the required date helping you deliver your parts ahead of schedule. We expedite your parts for free. You will never have an issue with communication because all of our supervisors have quick and direct access to the phone when you call. We are here to service you and are overstaffed to turn your parts around as quick as possible.


QMFC has been under the same ownership in the same building run by the same people since 1964. Throughout the years we have been partnered up with Picatinny Arsenal and have helped the engineers decipher which coatings are best for the application of their prototypes. We have helped many engineers in the private sector as well as the DOD engineers, to advance their product to the next level with the coating that meets their form fit and function. The majority of our operators have 20 plus years of experience, one even has 43 years of experience. Our quality staff, management team, and supervisors have each been with us for 30 plus years also. There isn't any plating or painting issue that we can't trouble shoot.

Competitive Pricing

The president himself does the quoting to ensure that pricing will never be an issue that will hold our company back. Because the president is doing the quoting he can also be flexible to your needs. Our supervisors are also constantly looking out for the bottom line to make sure we cut any unnecessary fat.